9 Essential WordPress Plugins Is All You Need

I am sure you know that managing so many WordPress plugins is a painful task.

This is how it looks like:

Finding a new plugin. Adding the plugin. Removing the plugin. Repeat.

This process is time-consuming and you need to stop doing this.

There are more than 40,000 WordPress plugins. And choosing the perfect WordPress plugin is not an easy task.

Also you cannot install so many plugins. Installing so many plugins will kill your website.


Installing too many plugins on your website can:

  • Crash your website
  • Increase page load time

And I am sure you don’t want that to happen.

So it’s better to install plugins that are important.

But again it all boils down to what those plugins are.

After looking at different lists of WordPress plugins, I found that everyone provides an alternative for the plugin which most of the times confuses people.

This is why I decided to test the best plugins experts share.

And this way I will share the plugins you can install without even checking for other alternatives.

In this list, you will explore the must-have WordPress plugins for your website. No matter what type of website you have, these WordPress plugins are essential.

And I am sure after reading this list, you will never search around for other plugins.

1. Yoast SEO

The most important WordPress plugin ever. Whether you run a photography website or an online store, you need to have this plugin.

There are many alternatives but this is the best. And as I told above, I am not going to show you any alternative. I will show you the only plugin you can install without even thinking about other plugins for even a second.

I am sure you know that good SEO is very important for your website. And this plugin will make this job very easy.

Some of the notable features of this plugin are:

Snippet Preview

With snippet preview, you can find out whether your article title is long or short. How your meta description and title will look like in the search results.

Snippet Preview Yoast SEO

This will help you improve the click through rate for organic search results and hence improve your ranking in Google.

Page Analysis

One of the best features of this plugin. This will check your page and tell you whether you an ALT tag for your images, whether your posts are long enough and checks if you have used the focus keyword on your meta description and subheadings.

Page Analysis Yoast

This will help you completely optimize your page for the search engines.

XML Sitemaps

Do you know that not having an XML sitemap is a big SEO mistake?

Don’t worry if you didn’t knew about it. Yoast SEO got you covered.

With this plugin, you can also create a sitemap of your website.

XML Sitemap Yoast SEO

These sitemaps will work for any type of sites and will include images also so that your images can easily be found in the search engines.

There are many more features in this plugin. So if you’re finding a perfect WordPress plugin for optimizing your website, Yoast SEO is the only one you need.

Download Yoast SEO

2. Akismet


There are many spammers when it comes to website commenting. And to save you from all the work of blocking spam comments, Akismet is here.

Akismet is a spam protection plugin for WordPress. This plugin will simply filter out spam comments so that you don’t waste your time doing it. Look at this:

Akismet Comment Spam

Since May, Akismet has blocked over 150,000 spam comments on my website. You can imagine how much time will it take doing this manually.

There nothing more to talk about this plugin because it does what it says. So go ahead and start protecting your website from spamming.

Download Akismet Comment Spam

3. Broken Link Checker

Do you know that you have broken links on your website?

Well, you can check and fix all your broken links with this plugin.

This plugin will keep checking for broken links on your website and will notify you if a broken link is found.

Broken Link Checker

Then you can simply fix all the broken links without any problems.

Broken Link Checker helped me find broken links easily without wasting my time.

Download Broken Link Checker

4. Pretty Link

If you have affiliate links on your website, then you’re going to love this.

With Pretty Link, you can clean up your affiliate links and track them.

You can cloak links, auto-tweet links, shorten links and much more.

Why is this a good plugin for affiliate marketers?

Well, you can setup redirects to your affiliate links and create clean and simple URLs. The best part is that you can also track hits per link.

One more feature of this cool WordPress plugin is that you can export those hits details in CSV format.

Download Pretty Link Lite

5. W3 Total Cache

The best WordPress plugin to boost your website speed.

This plugin has so many features to count. There are many alternatives of this plugin which are more simpler but if you need good performance of your website, then this is the one.

And don’t worry if you are not a technical person. This plugin is easy to configure.

Some of the great features of W3 Total Cache are:

  •  Compatible with shared hosting and dedicated servers
  • Minification of posts, pages and feeds
  • Mobile Support
  • Browser caching using cache-control
  • Non-blocking JavaScript embedding

And much more.

If you really want to improve your website performance, go and install this plugin now.

And if configuring this plugin seems like a tough task for you, follow this guide and configure without any problems.

Download W3 Total Cache

6. Thrive Content Builder

Sometimes your website readers may get bored with your content.

Don’t let this happen by using Thrive Content Builder.

You can make your content look beautiful with this cool WordPress plugin.

Thrive Content Builder

This is the best visual editor in the market and you should start using it.

It is simple to use and you can add beautiful content boxes, grids, buttons and call-to-actions. Thrive Content Builder is the perfect choice for those who want to convert most of their visitors.

Features of this plugin are:

  • Easy Drag and drop builder
  • Mobile-Friendly and fully responsive
  • Customizable Content Boxes

There are more great features for you to discover in this plugin.

Download Thrive Content Builder

7. Thrive Leads

With a great content builder, you can easily build your email list. And nothing works better than Thrive Leads.

This is also a plugin by Thrive Themes and is made to easily create landing pages and build your list.

Thrive Leads

There are more than 50 templates you can choose to build your landing page. You can also create your own template.

And Thrive Leads is not just limited to creating landing pages. You can also create opt-in forms and popups for your website.

You can trigger popups, create content upgrades and much more. If you are using different plugins that help you build your email list, then delete them all.

This is the ultimate package that will do everything you want.

These are the different types of opt-ins you can create with Thrive Leads:

  • Sticky Ribbon
  • In-line forms
  • Opt-in widgets
  • Content lock
  • Slide-In
  • Screen Filter Overlay
  • Scroll Mat
  • Popup
Scroll Mat Thrive Leads
Scroll Mat
Ribbon Thrive Leads








And all these are highly customizable. You can set triggers, split test them and much more.

This is the one and only plugin you must be using for building your list.

Download Thrive Leads

8. Easy Social Share Buttons

It is important to have social sharing buttons on your website.

But is social sharing buttons all you need?

With Easy Social Share Buttons you can boost your social shares with a wide variety of options.

You can add social sharing buttons on 22 different positions.

Button Position Easy Social Share

Some them include:

  • Content Top
  • Content Bottom
  • Left or Right Sidebar
  • Popup
  • Fly-In
  • Full Screen Hello Share
  • On Media
  • Widget

And much more.

You can use 30 different animations for these buttons. And instead of using those old style buttons, you can choose different button styles from 31 different templates.

Button Styles Easy Social Share

With this plugin, you can also add a subscribe button to convert your visitors. Lastly, you can keep track of your social stats with their cool analytics.

Subscribe Button Easy Social Share

One more thing:

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Did you like this button?

This is also made using Easy Social Share Buttons. As I said above, you can add more than just social sharing buttons.

I have used more than 6 different social sharing plugins but none of them is better than this one. And this is the reason why I am still using it.

Download Easy Social Share Buttons

9. Jetpack

You cannot ignore this plugin. This is one of the most essential WordPress plugin you need.

With Jetpack, you can collect stats of your website. But other than that, it also helps you protect your website against attacks.


You can also connect your social media accounts and automate social sharing. And you can also add related posts at the bottom of your articles.

This plugin is essential for all WordPress sites and you must use it.

Download JetPack

Bonus: iThemes Security

Do you know that your website can get hacked anytime?

To make sure your website stays safe from attacks, you need to use iThemes Security.

This plugin will keep your site secure from hackers.

iThemes Security

Some features of this plugin are:

  • Detects bots and other attempts to search for vulnerabilities
  • Scans for malware and blacklists on your website homepage
  • Receive email notifications when someone gets locked out after too many log in attempts
  • Prevents brute force attacks
  • Malware scan scheduling
  • Makes regular backups of your website

I love that you can get backups of your website on your email. This is great because you will not require any other plugins for backups.

But still if you want complete backups, iThemes recommends BackupBuddy. You can use it if you want complete site backups.

Download iThemes Security


So these were the only essential WordPress plugins you need to use on your website. Of course you can add more plugins but before adding any plugin always ask yourself these two questions:

Is this plugin really helpful for my website? Do I have any other plugin installed that can do what I need?

With these two questions, you will be able to avoid plugins that you don’t need. And there is one more thing you need to do now:

Check what plugins you are using and remove all plugins that you don’t use. Don’t just deactivate them. Remove them!

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  1. says

    Hi Ahfaz – good list and your caution about using too many plugins is sensible. A couple of plugins I’d disagree with you over would be Akismet and Jetpack. I’ve found wp-spamshield to be far more effective than Akismet and it doesn’t have the fiddly API key process to go through. Jetpack is one I used for a while but it defeats your primary objective of lightening the clutter on a wordpress install. There are a lot of usually unused components – effectively redundant plugins and I found it tended to drag a site down. My personal preference would be to have a couplemore specific plugins installed rather than a cumbersome catch all like Jetpack.

    • says

      Thanks for your feedback.

      I find Jetpack simple and helpful. I will surely learn more about the plugins you described. If they will work better than I will add them. 🙂

      Thanks for your valuable comment.

  2. Sam Adeyinka #Coach says

    Hey man,

    This is another cool post and I think I am already liking your blog, most especially the way you write. 🙂

    I use virtually all these listed plugins, save for, Thrive Visual Editor since I didn’t have the cash to acquire it but I believe the time will come.

    I shared exactly 9 of the best wordpress plugins I use on my blog on some blogs.


    • says

      I am glad you are enjoying my blog. I hope my blog helps you in future too. Thrive builder is great but if you don’t want to invest money right now, try Page Builder by SiteOrigin. 🙂

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