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Welcome to ahfazahmed.net! – I help people make money online through blogging.

My name is Ahfaz Ahmed and I’m a blogger and internet marketer. I do what I love and this is why I am here.

Why Ahfazahmed.net?

With this blog, I will help people how to make money online and live the life of your dreams. But there are many blogs who do the same thing I do.

What makes me different is that I will not just tell you what to do or how to do. I will SHOW you how to do it. My articles will guide you step-by-step how to make money online. Also before I share anything on this blog, I first test it myself.

And the reason why I have chosen my name as this website’s name is because I want you to remember me. Why?

Because whenever you find any troubles in this world of internet marketing, you can visit my blog and get help. I assure you that this blog will change how you blog and make you a better blogger.

I started blogging on October 2014(Yes, I am new here!) and since that day I’ve learned many things. My first blog was in the graphic design industry.

My blog was going well until one day I realized:

My blog wasn’t growing fast.

From that day onwards, I learned what things I did wrong. In this process, I learned many new things and I got more interested in internet marketing. Ultimately I decided to start this blog and help people avoid the mistakes I made and show them how to grow their blogs.

More About Me

I come from the city of Bhopal located in India. From the beginning, I had an interest in computers and learning new things about it. This led me to discover about blogging and how to make money from it.

In my early days, I tried learning how to make music. I used to mix songs which were quite fun for me. This was going well and I started learning more about it. But this required a lot of time which I didn’t have and I had no choice but to quit.

The next thing that I loved to do was graphic designing. While making music covers and other stuff for my remixed music, I learned Adobe Photoshop and later Adobe Illustrator.

This led me to start a blog on graphic designing. I worked on that blog for a year and then I already told you what happened.

Now I am here focusing on helping you grow your website traffic.

While my friends are busy studying to get into the best college so that they could get a 9-to-5 job, I am here making money online and helping others to do so.


Because I want to follow my dreams and achieve them. You should always do what you love to do not what you have to do. People are afraid of taking risks because of the fear of failure. What they don’t know is that success is on the other side of fear and failure and to achieve success, you need to fail.

The Secret to How I Will Bring Tons of visitors to This Blog

Do you know how I will bring thousands of visitors to this blog? Well if you don’t know, don’t worry.

I will tell you exactly what I will do to bring in thousands of visitors on my blog and believe me when I say:

It is simple.

I share many tips and tricks on email. If you get on the list, you’ll start receiving information-packed emails from me. 🙂

My Favorite Tools & Resources

Tools make your work easier and fast. But there are many tools that will help you out. The problem is which one is perfect.

Therefore, I have compiled a list of the best tools you must use to make your work fast and easier. The tools I have listed in this list are easy to use and are recommended by experts.

Some of these tools are free while some are paid. Along with tools, I have also added some checklists and other resources that will help you out in this journey of blogging.

Tools & Resources

My Blog

I will try my best to provide you helpful tips and tricks through my blog.

But there is one thing you need to know about me:

I will NEVER tell you what to do or how to do. I will SHOW how to do it.

My articles will take a step-by-step in-depth approach of the topic with actionable tips.

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I am always available for you and will do my best to reply to all the mails.

If you want help regarding anything you can contact me.

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