16 thoughts on “How to Hack Blogger Outreach Using The BFF Commenter Technique”

  1. Thanks for the detailed strategy. One thing I would suggest is using Zoho spreadsheets instead of Google Docs. Everything that used to be white hat and ok eventually ends up considered blackhat and a reason for Google to penalize you. So just in case, why share with them anything you are doing?

    Want a shortcut to meeting many people at once? Use groups. We have a Blogger Mastermind Skype group full of serious freelancers and bloggers with varying levels of experience. There are also many groups on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus, etc. One of the best is the LearntoBlogHangouts Facebook group.

    1. Never tried Zoho Spreadsheets. But will surely try it now. I am in many groups on social media. It helped me connect with many people. But not every blogger or marketer is in such groups. So, this technique really works for them. I am glad you liked the article.

  2. Good one! BFF commentator. I would like to inform you about BetaPage a platform where founders/Innovators can submit their startup, for getting feedbacks, beta subscription, early adopters, traffic and users. You can easily browse through the list of tools and use that tools for the purpose of marketing, blogging, etc.

  3. Thanks for sharing! Glad to read this very informative article. Never heard of this technique but it sounds like a solid strategy! definitely trying this out. But I want to know, what social media platforms do you usually utilize when engaging to your prospects? Twitter doesn’t work for me in most cases though.

  4. Hello, Ahfaz!

    I have it bookmarked it for now.

    Why? …

    Because I want to really dwell on the post and experience myself.

    And for that, I will take some time to prepare something for the test. 🙂

    Great post indeed!

    ~ Adeel

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