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Stop Wasting Time & Money On Ineffective Content

Many companies are wasting their time and money on content that doesn't drive results. Their challenges include: creating content that engages their audience, unable to drive traffic to website with content, converting users into customers and failing to create content that stands out. 

If your content fails to include the following ingredients, your content will  not bring any good results. 

1. Valuable
2. User-relevant
3. Visually appealing
4. Detailed & actionable
5. Engaging

But you don't have to worry anymore. I'm here help you with your content marketing efforts. My content writing strategy will help you drive positive results to your business. Scroll down to find out more about how I can help you out with content. 

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Ahfaz's content is always informative and in-depth, packed full of useful content that teaches you about the topic being discussed. His research is thorough and backed up with valid statistics. I remember being awed when I discovered this blogger, and I've been following his posts ever since!


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I've seen Writers who write, and writers who research, edit, analyse and then write. Ahfaz certainly belongs to the second group, with his deeply researched and long posts he's making a difference in the industry


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I started my blog in one of the most competitive industries on the internet. While there are many others like me, I see most of them fail at achieving their goals. 

And the biggest reason behind why they fail is their content. People think writing an article that is above 1000 words, SEO optimized and with some images will help them rank it on Google and grow their audience. 

But that's not how it works. Most of the people care about the traffic they get on their website. But I care about users and do my best to provide the best experience while they are on my website. 

And I do this with my content. Content that engages, inspires and most importantly provides value to the users.  This is why I am here to help you out with the most important thing for an online business to survive: CONTENT. 

Below I've outlined my approach to writing and I follow this approach for almost all of my writing work. I'm sharing this with you because I want you to know how I'll create content for you. I don't want to hide anything from you because I'm not afraid to. 

My 6-Step Content Writing Approach That Drive Results

I follow a simple 6-step approach that helps me create content that brings results. This framework will help
you regardless how big or small your audience is. I want to share this with you because I need
you to know how I'll create content for you. 



I'll do a detailed topic research to come up with ideas to make your content stand out and drive positive ROI. This research will include finding gaps in the industry and analyzing the top performing content in your industry. 


Once I come up with what to write for you, I'll do a thorough research of your brand and website. In this analysis, I'll find the tone and type of content your brand publishes. This will help me provide you content that aligns with your brand. 




I will perform a detailed keyword research for the content you want me to write. This research allows me to discover untapped keywords that can be targeted in your content. 


After my research, I'll write content for you that drive results. My content is always detailed, actionable and backed up with data and statistics. 




I don't just provide you a written piece of content. I will also create visuals and graphics for your content to make it look visually appealing. This includes designing blog headers for social media and other graphics for data and statistics. 


Even the best content will bring no results if your headline sucks. I will test out different headlines for your brand and will provide you up to five best headlines that you can use for the content I deliver. 


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Ahfaz's content is really good. He provides content with full of statistics and research. Specially, he writes detailed content which I like the most. His dedication shows in his long and detailed articles. The ability to come up with out of box topics are something which differentiate him from rest of the other bloggers.

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Nayan Kariya ~ Techies Blog Point

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suggestions for better content ideas. 

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