Let’s Meet at India Affiliate Conference on 9th February in New Delhi

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I love networking events!

It’s a great opportunity to meet industry leaders and network with people.

And there is a wonderful event ahead of us!

The team of Moscow Affiliate Conference and Party are hosting their next event India Affiliate Conference in New Delhi on 9th February.

The event is sponsored by leading CPA network LeadBit and Traffic Cardinal.

I’m so excited for this event. And I’ll give you the reasons why:

1. 1000+ Attendees

Say what?

With over 1000 attendees, this is going to be one hell of an event.

There are many affiliate marketers and networks attending the event.

Even I’m excited about this because events like this provide a great opportunity to build everlasting connections. Plus, it feels good when the whole community is together under one roof.

2. Top Speakers

Oh, the speakers!

The event speakers include top affiliate marketers that are experts at what they do.

The sessions are going to be packed full of engaging presentations covering the latest trends, insights, and analysis of the industry. Some speakers include:

1. Kristina Kipra, Leadbit
Topic: “Nutra Huge Money Makers Only With Direct Adverts”

2. Ivan Doruda, Mgid
Topic: “Native Traffic – How To Work With, Best Practices”

3. Roman Kolomoitsev, Affise
Topic: “The Power Of Automation In Affiliate Marketing”

4. Neha Kulwal, Admitad
Topic: “Driven Factors And Emerging Trends In Affiliate Marketing”

5. Vitaliy Stetsenko, Arbita
Topic: “3 Cases Of Media Buying Agency For $2,00,0000”

You’ll walk away with some really helpful tips and advice that will help you with affiliate marketing.

3. The Most Famous Companies

Meet the biggest affiliate companies and brands in India Affiliate Conference. Another great opportunity to make connections with different brands.

4. Hundreds of Affiliates

You’re not alone here!

With hundreds of affiliates under one roof, you’ll feel welcome and a part of the community.

I can’t wait to meet different affiliates and learn from them. Maybe they share some secrets with me. 😉

5. Best Party Time

Not a conference guy? Get bored quickly?

No problem!

India Affiliate Conference has some party arrangements for you so that you just don’t network and connect, but also enjoy the whole event.

So what do you say?

I’m totally down for this and will be attending the event. It’s another great opportunity to meet new people and learn from them.

The question is:

Are you going to be a part of this event?

If yes, register yourself here – http://india.affiliateconf.com/

See ya there!

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