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The Most Awesome WordPress Advertising Plugins For 2017

Ahfaz AhmedAhfaz Ahmed

Advertising is a good way to monetize your website. Whether it you use Google Adsense or any affiliate program, you need to use plugins that will help you place ads on your website properly.

In WordPress, you can add any advertisements without the use of plugins. Many themes provide options that will help you add widgets for ads. But it is still better to use a plugin because you don’t get all the features that can help you.

In this article, I am going to show you 24 WordPress plugins for advertising. The plugins mentioned in this list are free and premium.


1. Ad Injection

You can inject advertisements in your content with Ad Injection. You can set the number of ads to be injected. It also provides the option to restrict the advert to any user based on IP address, referrer and post age.

Ad Injection

It supports A/B testing, ad rotation, template ads and much more. There are many other options available that will help you place ads the way you want.

2. Ad Inserter

This WordPress plugin is perfect for adding contextual ads on your website. You can place any code on your website and select how you want to display it.

Ad Inserter

You can select positions of the ads, align and also style them. With the shortcodes available in the plugin, you can easily place an ad anywhere on your website.

3. Ad Plugg

This more than just an Ad plugin. You can create, modify and schedule ads. It comes with the following features:

  • Ad Rotator
  • Track Ads
  • Schedule Ads
  • Banner Rotator
  • Analytics
Ad Plugg 

The free version provides all the features but one big drawback is that it only allows image Ads. To create HTML5 ads, Flash ads and text ads, you will have to upgrade to the pro plan which comes at 10$/month.

4. AdPress – WordPress Ad Manager

With this premium WordPress plugin, you can display ads on your website. The ad designer feature of this plugin lets you preview your ads.


It supports all different types of ads. You can track the performance of ads which helps you place ads more smartly. The plugin is easy to set up and is fully responsive.

5. AdRotate

Don’t want any fancy plugin? Use AdRotate which is very simple and allows you to place any type of ad on your website.


Some features of this plugin are:

  • Easy ad management
  • Geo Targeting
  • Mobile adverts
  • Email notifications
  • Ad stats
  • Responsive adverts

6. Ads by datafeedr.com

Display a group of ads in a widget with the help of this plugin. You can set an impression limit of ads, set start and end date and also group ads.

Check out this short video demonstrating how this plugin works:

7. ADS PRO – Multi-Purpose WordPress Ad Manager

Manage and sell advertisements on your website with ADS PRO. It’s responsive and supports geographical targeting. You can schedule ads and control their delay. With ADS PRO, you can display ads in more than 20 different ways. These different ways include a sidebar, video, floating, hovers, corner peels and much more.

ADS PRO – Multi-Purpose WordPress Ad Manager

The frontend panel is designed very beautifully which displays the stats of your ads and other functions. It also provides A/B testing features, image optimization, device detection and other options.

If you want to use an ultimate plugin to manage ads, this is the perfect plugin for you. Yes, it’s not free but it’s surely worth buying.

8. AdSanity

This ad rotator plugin lets you manage your banner ads hassle-free. It is easy to set up and requires no technical knowledge. You can easily display ads with the help of a widget in two different ways: single ads and groups ads.

You can specify start and end dates for your ads, check the performance of your ads and much more. The plugin is premium and the its pricing bugs me a little. Though it provides many features, the basic plans start at 29$/year which is high for an ad management plugin.

You can get ADS PRO plugin which is one-time payment plugin and provides many features. Not only this, many free plugins provide these same features.

I am not saying that the plugin is bad. But I think it’s a bit overpriced.

9. ADS - Modern WordPress Ad Plugin

Another alternative to AdSanity which is quite affordable. It provides features like:

  • Unlimited Styles
  • Online Statistics
  • Live Preview
  • Easy Translations
  • 100% Responsive

Watch this video of ADS plugin to learn more about it.

10. Advanced Ads

This simple ad management plugin for publishers will help you optimize your ads and earn more money from it.

Advanced Ads

It lets you create banner ads, group ads, set ad publish date, create ad rotation, auto inject ads and much more. There are many more features included in this plugin and it’s all for free.

11. Advanced Advertising System

You can manage advertisers with this plugin easily and set pricing models, choose different rotation types, limit campaign budget, create banners for campaign and finally schedule campaigns.

Advanced Advertising System

The plugin is free and works great for managing advertisers.

12. Amazon Link

Put amazon links in your website posts, pages and widgets. You can put simple text links, image links, thumbnail links and many other types.

Amazon Links

Some really cool features included in this plugin are:

  • Search Tool
  • Shortcodes
  • Localisation
  • Built-in Templates

13. AWPCP - Another WordPress Classifieds Plugin

Add a classifieds section on your Website with this plugin. The plugin is easy to set up and is fast. You can search for classifieds by city or country. The classified ads can be shared by sharing buttons in their layout.

Another WordPress Classifieds Plugin

There are many more notification and ad posting features included in this plugin. You can also add premium modules to this free plugin like RSS feeds, Comments/Ratings, category icons and many more.

14. Banner Manager Pro

Manage and sell banner spots on your website with Banner Manager Pro. You can create banners, sell them and accept payments in different ways.

Banner Manager Pro

The multiple payment gateway feature allows you to accept payments from via PayPal, Payza, Skrill and many other platforms.

It also includes features like banner rotation, banner preview, banner statistics and different banner sizes.

15. Geo Ads Switcher Plugin

This awesome plugin will really help you boost your earnings. It lets you display different ads according to user’s country. According to visitor’s location, you can display custom ads or banners.

Geo Ads Switcher Plugin

You can select any country from a drop down list and also show welcome texts as per location. The plugin is responsive and supports many different types of advertisements.

16. Google Adsense Plugin

This is the official Google Adsense plugin and it also supports Webmaster tools. With this plugin, you can easily place Adsense ads on your website.

Google Adsense Plugin

You can exclude pages from having ads and also enable mobile-layouts easily. If you use Google Adsense, then this plugin will be perfect for you to place ads.

17. Insert Post Ads

You can easily place adds after paragraphs in your content and increase your CTR with this plugin. It lets you place ads manually after any paragraph of your content.

Insert Post Ads

18. Meks Easy Ads Widget

Create unlimited number of ads inside one widget with Meks Easy Ads Widget. You can select from predefined ad sizes or even set custom size for your ads.

Meks Easy Ads Widget

It also lets you limit the number of ads per view and you can even rotate and slide ads.

19. OIO Publisher

You can sell different types of ads with this plugin and it also lets you display ads on your website. It includes some really cool features like:

  • Custom purchases
  • No empty spaces
  • 1-click ad management
  • Click and impression tracking

20. WordPress Monetize Now

Do you use the Envato affiliate program? If you do, you’re going to love this WordPress plugin. It lets you display different items from the Envato marketplace. It’s very simple to install and with the shortcode generator, you can easily display items.

WordPress Monetize Now

It lets you choose what you want to display and how many items to display at a time. There are a ton of features included in this plugin.

21. WordPress Advert Flap Pro

You can display ads and also add some animations so that the site visitor notices it and clicks on it. You can delay the animation, choose different ad positions and much more.

WordPress Advert Flap Pro

It’s very simple and works perfectly in grabbing the attention of the visitor.

22. WP Adcenter

This is the complete ad management plugin for WordPress. You can place ads on your website using a widget or a shortcode. It also lets you place rotating banners and multiple banners at a time.

It includes a ton of great features. Some of them are:

  • Geo Targeting
  • Detailed Performance Stats
  • Automatic Payments

The plugin is affordable and will cost you only 29$. Compared to AdSanity, this plugin is a better option.

23. WP Advertize It

Easily place ads with the help of this plugin. You can insert ads by defining ad blocks, select different ad positions and also display ads using a widget on the sidebar.

WP Advertize It

There are many other features available like specify description of ads, specify link URL to be opened after click and much more.

24. WP Pro Advertising System

This ultimate ad management plugin comes with a ton of features. You can place ads with Cornerstone Builder, show banners on some specific pages, schedule your ads, get detailed stats of your ads and much more.

WP Pro Advertising System

There are more than 15 different ways in which you can display ads on your website. The plugin is easy to use and integrates with many different plugins.


So these were the best advertising plugins that help in placing and managing ads. Now, here's my question:

Which plugin are you going to use?

If you have not decided yet, don't worry. You can visit this page anytime and choose your plugin. To make it easier for you, I've made a PDF version of this list which you can access anytime. This will help in choosing the perfect plugin. ​


Download the PDF version of this list for free.

My name is Ahfaz Ahmed. I am a Blogger and Internet Marketer. I test the different strategies shared by experts and tell if it really works.

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  • Anna
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    Anna Anna

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    Hi out there,
    I used AdRotate for a long time and switched to Advanced Ads one year ago. This plugin is fantastic and I increased my ad revenues with the integrated placement tests. Would highly recommend it!

    • Ahfaz Ahmed
      Posted on

      Ahfaz Ahmed Ahfaz Ahmed

      Reply Author

      Yes, I have used AdRotate. The plugin works nicely.

      Thanks for your comment. 🙂

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