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18 Of The Best WordPress Analytics Plugins For 2017

Ahfaz AhmedAhfaz Ahmed

Working on a website without any information about its stats and performance is like driving a car without wheels.

You need to know the stats about your website performance and your visitors. You should know where they come from, the page they landed on, how they behave with your site and a lot more.

But keeping track of all these stats will eat up your time and you will not be able to get the data you want. That’s why you should use online tools and plugins.

If you have a website, I am sure you use Google Analytics (hope so). But Google Analytics provides so much data which many beginners can’t consume at once.

That’s when you should use plugins. I have researched about the best analytics plugins for WordPress and listed them in this article. This list mostly includes plugins for Google Analytics but you will also discover some other plugins.


So let’s begin.

1. Analytics Stats Counter Statistics

This plugin will analyze your website visitors and will give you stats by country, city and screen resolution. You can find out the unique visitors and much more.

It will give you all the statistics about your visitors. If you don’t want to check your visitor stats daily on Google Analytics, then you should use this plugin.

2. Analytify

Get Google Analytics inside your WordPress with Analytify plugin. It takes just 1-click to install and then you will be able to see your website stats.


You can view your sessions, users, average time on site, bounce rate and much more. It lists the top countries and cities where your visitors come from.

It also provides real-time statistics and allows you to see individual information about any post or page. The free version of this plugin is limited but it still provides a ton of stats.

Analytify 2

3. Clicky Analytics

Click Analytics is a good alternative to Analytify if you want more features. It provides your website statistics in your WordPress panel. Moreover, the cache feature of this plugin will improve your site speed.

Clicky Analytics

You can view the top 30 pages, searches and referrers. It also offers many tracking features too. Some more great features include uptime monitoring, heatmaps, on-site monitoring and much more.

Most of these features are available in the free version of Clicky Analytics. To get more from this plugin, you will have to buy the pro version. 

4. ExtraWatch

This free plugin offers so many features that will help you optimize your site and increase your conversions and sales.

It provides live stats which lets you view the visitor behavior and monitors when a visitor leaves the website. These reports are sent to you every day.


You can view daily and weekly stats in the form of charts and graphs. You can also block “bad words” which will block IP addresses.

There are many more features provided in the pro version of this plugin. 

5. g-Analytics – Google Analytics WordPress Plugin

gAnalytics is a premium WordPress plugin that will provide you statistics about your website. It doesn’t just provide basic analytics features.

You can view the trending posts based on the number of pagviews. That’s not it. You can also view the trending posts of previous day, week or even month.


It shows the performance of all your posts and pages. It generates a report of individual pages and posts which displays page views, organic search and referral traffic.

With compare features of this plugin, you can compare your website’s performance in a certain time period. There’s a lot more in this plugin and once you start using it, I am sure you will improve your website traffic.

6. Google Analyticator

View your real-time analytics in your WordPress dashboard with Google Analyticator plugin. It displays 30 day visitors with top pages, top referrers and top searches.

Google Analyticator

It supports download link tracking, outbound link tracking and also site speed tracking. This plugin is completely free and provides you all the stats that are necessary.

7. Google Analytics by MonsterInsights

Previously known as Google Analytics by Yoast, this is the simplest WordPress plugin you can use to view your Google Analytics data in your WordPress dashboard.

It installs with just a simple authentication and requires nothing else. You can enable demographics and also interest reports.

Google Analytics by MonsterInsights

Just like Google Analyticator, it lets you track downloads, outbound links and also internal links. You can ignore the visitor stats of any visitor so that you can exclude page views from your editors and contributors.

If you’re new to WordPress and don’t know which plugin to install, then go with this plugin as it is the best and provides everything. The plugin has roughly 11 million downloads and works fast.

8. Google Analytics Dashboard for WP

It’s an alternative to Analytics by MonsterInsights. Track your site by adding a tracking code and get detailed insights about your website traffic and more.

Google Analytics Dashboard for WP

You can get in-depth page reports and can also segment your data to get more information. It includes features such as:

  • IP address anonymization
  • Enhanced link attribution
  • Google AdSense linking
  • Page Speed sampling rate control
  • Cross domain tracking

And much more.

Compared to MonsterInsights Analytics, this plugin is much more detailed and provides more functions. So if want to get more stats about your site, install this plugin.

9. JetPack by WordPress.com

JetPack is the ultimate plugin for WordPress as it provides visitors statistics and many more insights. JetPack is the most basic plugin and offers many other features too.

JetPack Stats

Beginners find this plugin very helpful as it also provides features like sharing, security and image optimization.

So if you want to save yourself from installing a ton of plugins to perform different tasks, then install JetPack.

10. WP-Piwik

Add Piwik stats to your site with this plugin. The plugin will provide you with your website statistics like visitors, page views, total time spend on site and top pages.

WP Piwik

You can also see the top browsers used by your visitors. Please note that this plugin doesn’t show your Google Analytics data.

Piwik is a different analytics platform so the stats of your website will be very different. So if you want to view Google Analytics data, consider using other plugins mentioned in the list.

11. Simple Feed Stats

Track your feed stats with Simple Feed Stats that displays your daily stats of your feeds. With the dashboard widget, you can view your feed stats easily.

Simple Feed Stats

You can display your feed stats with shortcodes and template tags. It also lets you set a custom feed count and text. To get more accurate stats of your feeds, this plugin provides a “strict mode”. The plugin gives you the option of tracking your feeds in four different ways.

12. Statcounter

StatCounter is a powerful WordPress plugin to view your website stats. It displays a summary of your stats which can be filtered in many different ways.

The stats display your total pageviews, unique visitors, first time visitors and also returning visitors. You can view these stats in two different types of graphs.


StatCounter also provides the option to view the stats of an individual visitor and get more details like IP address, referrer, browser, search phrase, location and time spent on site.

13. SumoMe Content Analytics

We discussed SumoMe in other categories of WordPress plugins. This tool by SumoMe will show how much of your content is read.

Sumome Content Analytics

It shows how far a visitor reads your page. This helps in placing CTA’s at the right place. This plugin is free but to get more premium features of SumoMe Content Analytics, you will have to upgrade your plan.

14. SumoMe Heatmaps

Another one by SumoMe. They really provide helpful tools. This plugin will show you where a user clicks on your website.

SumoMe Heatmaps

I hope you know how useful this information is. This will help you remove elements with which the visitor is not interacting. Moreover, this is also helpful in placing important buttons like your call-to-actions.

You can view the heatmap of each and every page on your website. And just like Content Analytics, you can upgrade for more features.

15. W3Counter Free Real-Time Web Stats

Get real-time stats of your website with W3Counter. The plugin is free and provides many reports about your website stats.

W3 Real Time Taffic Stats

You can get daily, weekly and monthly reports of your website stats. It shows the top used browsers, locations, countries, languages and much more.

You can view the top searches and also the top posts that bring traffic. W3Counter also gives the time on site and bounce rate of your website. There are many more features and all of them are completely free.

16. WP Power Stats

This clean WordPress plugin will show you all information of your visitors in one page. The browsers, operating system, devices, traffic sources, search terms and a lot more can be viewed with this plugin.

WP Power Stats

The plugin is free and its very clean so you don’t have to keep changing pages to view your stats. Everything can be displayed in one page easily.

17. WP Slimstat

This plugin provides so many features including real-time stats, email reports and much more. WP Slimstat is compatible with other caching plugins like W3 Total Cache and WP Supercache.

To know more about this plugin, watch this detailed video.

18. WP Statistics

Gives you complete detailed statistics of your website. It gives you information about the online users, unique visitors, search terms, browsers, countries and much more.

WP Statistics

You can also get email notifications and reports about your site statistics. The plugin also offers a feature to export your data to CSV and XML files.

Here’s how to Benefit from this list

Download the PDF version of this list for FREE which will help you out whenever you search for analytics plugins next time. This list contains all the best plugins so you don't have to look for other plugins anymore. 

Download the Free PDF version of this list which can be used as a resource to look for Analytics plugins for WordPress.  

My name is Ahfaz Ahmed. I am a Blogger and Internet Marketer. I test the different strategies shared by experts and tell if it really works.

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    Awesome post, but permit me to add that Google Analytics Stats Counter Statistics plugin on Word press is best safest and easiest I have ever used. What I love most about it is the ability to counter visualise on my website as well as counter code output on my website HTML; Go get yours here quickly https://wordpress.org/plugins/stats-counter/ if you are a website owner.

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