23 Of The Best WordPress Comments Plugins In 2017


Engaging your visitors is very important as it builds a permanent readers base and fans. These readers are those who regularly interact with you and your website content. And later, you can turn these readers into your customers.

And to get such readers you need to make them interact with your content. The best way to do that is by getting them comment on your posts. Getting comments on your blog is very important task as it tells you whether your audience likes your content or not.

If you’re using WordPress, you don’t need to worry about comments because it has a default commenting system that works great. So even if you don’t want to add a separate commenting system, there are some plugins that will help you get more comments.

And this is what today’s post is all about. I’ll show you 23 different WordPress plugins that can be used to get more comments and help in leveraging comments. While some of the plugins in this list are commenting system, but most of them are plugins you can use to get the most out of your comments.


1. Akismet

When it comes to blog commenting, spamming is the first thing you need to care about. And those spam comments are really annoying and bad. This is how I look if I read a spam comment:

Spam Comments

Well, say goodbye to spam with Akismet plugin. This spam protection plugin automatically filters out spam comments so you don’t have to do it manually.

This saves a lot of time spent dealing with all those disgusting spam comments. To set up Akismet on your website, you just need to sign up and use the API key provided to activate your plugin and that’s it.


To this date, Akismet has blocked over 200,000 spam comments. It also offers the option to directly throw away the spam comments without any review.

2. Captcha by BestWebSoft

Add captcha to your login form, comments, contact form and many other forms with this plugin. To avoid spam comments and also spam messages sent from your contact form, you can use this plugin and add a captcha.

Captcha by BestWebSoft

The captcha can be simple letters, numbers or images. You can also add simple functions like addition and subtraction.

Using this plugin is also very simple. This brief overview of this plugin will give you more details.

3. Comment Rating Field

Let users submit their rating along with their comment with Comment Rating Field plugin. This way you can find out whether your readers are finding your content useful or not.

Comment Rating Field

4. CommentLuv

Encourage readers to leave comment by rewarding them a link. CommentLuv automatically adds a link to the recent blog posts of the commenter.

While the reader is typing their comment, the plugin will retrieve a list of their latest blog posts from which they can choose one and add.


This will surely boost comments on your website and will help you build a community. But a warning:

This plugin attracts spammers and they will leave irrelevant comments just for the sake of a link. So you will need to moderate the comments and remove such spam comments.

5. Comments Since Last Visit

Comments Since Last Visit highlights the new comments on a post since a person’s last visit on that page. It adds a light blue background to highlight the new comments.

Comments Since Last Visit

If you have a lot of comments on your website and want your old visitors to read the new comments, this plugin will help you a lot.

6. De:comments

This is a powerful commenting system for WordPress that offers a wide variety of features. User can sign in with their social networks, like and dislike other comments and also add interactive media in the comment.


It also encourages users to comment as it has a badge system. The pricing of this plugin seems to be high. So if you want a free alternative, the next plugin is what you are exactly looking for.

7. Disqus

Disqus is one of the best commenting system for WordPress. It has many features like threaded comments and replies, subscribe and RSS options, spam filtering and notifications and reply by email.


User can sign in with their social networks to comment or comment as a guest. If you don’t want any spam, then Disqus is great for you.

Disqus Analytics

It also offers analytics features that lets you find the most active commenters in your community.

8. DX Unanswered Comments

Find all comments that were not replied without any trouble. DX Unanswered Comments ignores pingbacks and only shows comments that didn’t receive any reply.

DX Unanswered Comments

9. Facebook Comments

Want to generate more traffic to your website from Facebook? Replace your default commenting system with Facebook comments.

Facebook Comments

Check out the demo of this plugin here. You can customize the plugin and create your own style of the comment box.

10. Featured Comments

Any influencer or big personality commented on your post? Someone posted a really awesome comment?

Featured Comments

Well, you can highlight the best comments that add value to your post with the help of this plugin. If you want to encourage users to comment more, you can feature their comments on your post and they will be happy to comment the next time.

11. Intense Debate

Intense Debate is similar to Disqus and it also helps you get more comments on your website. It provides features like threaded comments, reply by email, comment voting and much more.

Intense Debate

It also protects your website from spam comments.

12. Moderator Role

This plugin lets you change a user’s role to moderator. With the moderator role, a user can moderate comments on your website.

Moderator Role

13. No Comments

Want to get rid of comments on your website? Just install No Comments plugin and you’re done. It will disable comments on your website.

14. No Page Comment

Choose where comments are enabled or disabled with No Page Comment plugin. You can individually select posts or pages where comments can be enabled.

No Page Comment

This plugin comes in handy when you want to disable/enable comments for a specific post type.

15. Postmatic

Let your readers to subscribe by email when they leave any comment on your website. The user will then receive emails whenever there are subsequent comments or replies on that specific page.


This will encourage the reader to open your page and check what’s going on. Postmatic really helps in building relationships with your commenters.

16. Send email only on Reply to My Comment

Some readers may not appreciate you sending emails every time there is a comment on your post. This plugin gives readers an option to receive email only if someone replied to their comment.

17. Simple Comment Editing

This plugin gives an option for the reader to edit their comment. So if the reader made any grammar error or want to add more thoughts, he/she can easily click on the edit button and edit their comment.

Simple Comment Editing

18. Subscribe to Comments

Similar to Postmatic, this WordPress plugin also allows readers to subscribe to subsequent comments on the post and receive email notifications.

The reader can also unsubscribe from comments and block all notifications.

19. Tako Movable Comments

Move your website comments from one post to another with Tako Movable Comments. Posts can be selected from a drop down list and comments can be moved without any manual insertion of comment ID.

Tako Moveable Comments

And comments can also be moved in bulk to save more time.

20. Thank Me Later

Build relationships with your commenters by sending them “thank you” emails. With this plugin, you can write a thank you email and send it after 5 minutes, an hour or a day later after the comment.

Thank Me Later

This will help you keep your blog commenters stay active and read your posts in future.

21. Vicomi Comment System

Vicomi is an emotional comments platform that lets readers to tag their comment with an emotional response. This boosts your user engagement and lets your site visitors leave comments.

Vicomi Comment System

It is displays recommended posts that helps in getting more traffic to your website. The plugin lets you add stylish emotional comments, attach feelings to comment, connect with Facebook, free moderation with analytics, threaded comments and replies, spam filtering and much more.

You can replace your default commenting system with this great plugin. Another cool feature of this plugin is feedbacks with which a user can share their opinions on a comment.

22. wpDiscuz

A great alternative to disqus. This will boost your native WordPress comments. It’s clean and is responsive. Some great features include:

  • Commenting sorting
  • Anonymous comments
  • Social integration
  • Users can edit comments
  • Secure and antispam features
  • Smart voting system

Try out this plugin and you will notice more people commenting on your posts.

23. Yoast Comment Hacks

This plugin will add some simple hacks that will help you manage your comments more easily. Some of these hacks are: cleaner comment notifications, redirect firm time commenters to a thank you page, email all commenters of page and much more.

Yoast Comment Hacks

So if you want to add any of the above features, you will not have to add separate plugins. Yoast Comment Hacks will do all these tasks for you.

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