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16 Useful WordPress Plugins To Manage Your Content With Ease

Ahfaz AhmedAhfaz Ahmed

Publishing content is the most important part of growing a website. Whether you publish once a week or once a month, you need to provide value and information.

That being said, you need to establish a workflow that helps you create content that works for you. Also once you publish that content, you need to provide it to the people who want to read.

Doing that is very necessary because it will help you build an audience that will read and share your content. In this article, I am going to show you some really awesome WordPress plugins you can use to publish content, edit your content and turn it into something great.


So let’s begin.

1. Copyright Proof

Someone copied your content which took you hours to write. What will you do now? You are new and the person who copied your content is new in this industry. How will you prove the ownership of your content?

Well, Copyright Proof is the plugin you need. You can prove the ownership of each WordPress post you publish. What this plugin basically does is that it will add a copyright notice at the end of your blog posts.

Copyright Proof

It’s anti-theft feature also helps in protecting your content. This feature also tracks the IP address of the attempted thieves.

2. CoSchedule

The only plugin that will take control of your editorial calendar and make you work. With this editorial calendar, you can schedule your blog posts along with your social media updates.

All you need to do is to plan out your content and schedule it. You can keep thing clean and in order by labelling everything on your calendar.


If you work with a team, then this plugin is a holy grail for you. You can share tasks, upload files and communicate with your team easily.

It lets you schedule social media updates in bulk and provides stats of your performance. I really want you to watch this video by Pat Flynn where he shares how he uses CoSchedule to manage his editorial calendar.

3. Custom Post Order Category

Arrange your posts in any custom order by just dragging and dropping. You can also delete a post from a display which will not delete it completely.

This video will walk you through this plugin.

4. Edit Flow

I did not mention above that CoSchedule is not a free plugin. So here is an alternative. Edit Flow will help you manage your editorial calendar.

It provides many options like threaded comments with which you can discuss the content with your writers and editors.

Edit Flow

While this plugin is not as good as CoSchedule, but it is the best free alternative you can get.

5. Editorial Calendar

Another free alternative to CoSchedule, Editorial Calendar also helps you manage your content. You can add posts to your calendar, move them easily, quick edit their titles and much more.

Editorial Calendar

Managing posts from multiple authors is also very simple with this plugin.

6. Enhanced Media Library

You will agree with me when I say this:

WordPress media library sucks. I mean it lacks many features and finding images uploaded a long time ago is a very painful task.

Enter Enhanced Media Library.

Enhanced Media Library

You can categorize your media files, filter them, order them by date and also export/import media hassle-free. It is compatible with many different plugins.

7. Front End Editor

This is a front end editor that helps you write and edit posts in WordPress. There is a contextual toolbar that provides basic functions like linking and formatting.

You can add media to your post from the front end editor itself.

8. Good Writer Checkify

If you really suck at writing, then you will love this plugin. This plugin adds a checklist at the end of your post editor which reminds you to do specific tasks while writing your post.

Check out this image of the plugin.

Good Writer Checkify

As you can see it reminds of performing some tasks and hence improves your writing.

9. Just Writing

No one likes distraction while writing. And WordPress offers distraction free mode to write content but it lacks some basic functions that are needed while writing.

So this plugin adds buttons to add some functions to your distraction free writing mode. While some people say that by adding such functions, the writing mode is no more distraction free.

Just Writing

But think about this:

While writing, you want to do some basic formatting or check your spellings. What will you do then? There are many writers who do these tasks while writing and this is why Just Writing plugin was made.

10. NextGen Gallery

This is a gallery management system that lets you batch upload, sort images, edit their thumbnails, group galleries into albums and much more.

NextGen Gallery

You can add galleries to your post and page very easily and display them in many different styles.

11. Oasis Workflow

Manage your workflow easily with Oasis Workflow. You can easily assign, review and publish tasks with this plugin.

Oasis Workflow

Users can view their tasks, view their tasks history and also get reminders so you can finish your tasks at the right time.

Check out this video of Oasis Workflow and watch how it works.

12. Organize Series

Writing a series of blog posts on your website? Use Organize Series.

Organize Series

It helps you organize and present your blog post series to readers. The plugin is very simple and easy to use and you can create as many blog series as you want.

13. Post List Featured Image

Do you remember the blog posts that do not have a featured image? Well, this plugin adds a featured image column in your WordPress posts list so you can view the featured image of your posts.

Post List Featured Image

Then you can also sort your posts by featured images and find the posts that do not have any featured image.

This is a very handy plugin if you have so many posts on your website and want to find out if they have a featured image or not.

14. Proofread Bot

Check your content for grammar and plagiarism with Proofread Bot. It adds a button in your post editor with which you can check your post from grammar errors, plagiarism and style.

Proofread Bot

15. Scheduled Posts

Do you have multiple authors and publish posts consistently?

Well, then this plugin will help you find out all the future scheduled posts. This is a very helpful plugin who use the schedule post feature in WordPress.

Scheduled Posts

There are many ways you can display the scheduled posts widget and also set who else can view the widget by user roles.

16. WP Markdown Editor

Replace your simple editor with a markdown editor that helps you write rich text without getting your hands off the keyboard.

WP Markdown Editor

This is a really useful plugin for writers and bloggers.

Here's How to take advantage of this list

Download the free PDF version of this list that will help you in your managing content. Moreover, I want to you to comment down any comment that is not mentioned in this list. I’ll check out the plugin and see if it fits in this list.

Download the Free PDF version of this list that will help you pick the best plugins for your website.

My name is Ahfaz Ahmed. I am a Blogger and Internet Marketer. I test the different strategies shared by experts and tell if it really works.

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