21 Of The Best WordPress List Building Plugins For 2017


You should start building your email list the day you launch your website. And to be honest, building an email list is not a painful task.

You can convert most of your site visitors into subscribers by implementing different methods. Whether you provide a content upgrade or directly ask users to subscribe, you need to use WordPress plugins to do that.

And there are tons of email opt-in plugins for WordPress. Some plugins are really awesome but they are not free. After researching about different WordPress plugins for building an email list, I found the best ones you can use.

This is what I am going to show you in this article. I have listed 21 WordPress plugins for email opt-ins. Some of them are free while others are paid. You can also get the PDF version of this article which will help you access this list anytime and choose the best plugin for your website. 


Let’s begin.

1. Bloom

Bloom is a WordPress plugin by Elegant Themes that helps in building an email list. It is one the best email opt-in plugins and is very east to set up and use.


You can add pop-ups, in-line forms, locked content form, fly-ins, below content opt-in and widget form. There are tons of form designs you can choose. Moreover, it offers many customization options so you can create your own form design.

Setting up triggers for your forms is very easy with Bloom. You can choose a timed delay, after purchase, after comment and many other triggers for your opt-in forms.

Bloom Display Settings

It can integrate with your email marketing service very easily. With Bloom’s analytics, you can see which opt-in form is performing well. You can also split-test forms and find out what’s working for you.

Bloom Dashboard

At last, you can also import and export data from one site to another. If you want to use a simple plugin to create email opt-in forms, then Bloom is the perfect plugin for you.

2. Content Upgrades Pro

This is something Bloom doesn’t offer: Creating content upgrades.

With Content Upgrades Pro, you can create unlimited number of content upgrades with different offers. You can also track which content upgrade is generating the highest number of subscribers.

Using this plugin, Brian Dean improved his overall conversion rate by 185%. You can add different fancy boxes while offering your bonus content. There are many templates to choose from.

Content Upgrades Pro

And you can also choose different templates for your opt-in form. You will see a content upgrade on every website today and most of them are using this plugin.

You can also get the free version of this plugin which provides a few features to test this plugin before buying.

3. Dreamgrow Scroll Triggered Box

Increase your conversion rates by triggering beautiful looking opt-in boxes. There are many trigger options you can choose from. And this plugin is not only helps for building an email list, you can also trigger boxes asking users to read an article, like page on Facebook etc.

Dreamgrow Scroll Triggered Box

There are many templates you can choose. Also, you can design your own template too. The plugin is free and very simple to use.

4. Getsitecontrol

This is not just a list building plugin. GetSiteControl provides attractive widgets you can add on your website. You can add survey, subscribe, live chat and many other widgets.

But since we are discussing about building an email list, let’s talk about that. The subscribe widget of this plugin lets you add an attractive opt-in form. Create a popup, bar or button and you’re all set.

You can choose different positions for the subscribe widget. Some of them include a popup, fly-in, and a bar (both top and bottom).


You can trigger these popups and opt-in forms so you can get attention of your visitor at the right time. The best part is that this plugin is free. So you don’t have to spend money on list building plugin.

5. HelloBar

Similar to the previous plugin discussed, this plugin lets you convert your site visitors by displaying a bar at the top. You can also add a popup.

HelloBar can also be used to get more traffic to your article or getting more likes to your Facebook page. You can also do split tests to see what is performing well for you.

Using HelloBar is very simple and it really boosts your conversion rate.

6. KingSumo

Giveaways always attract people and you can use it to grow your email list. KingSumo lets you set up your giveaway and build your email list.


The plugin is fast and you can also schedule your giveaway. It is not free but is worth the price. You can set up any type of giveaway you want and build an email list easily.

7. Magic Action Box

Design gorgeous looking opt-in forms with Magic Action Box. You can display your box before or after a blog post or a page. Setting up forms on your homepage is also very easy.

Magic Action Box

The plugin is free but you can get more features in the pro version of the plugin.

8. MailMunch

Create beautiful looking opt-in forms with MailMunch. You can create popups, top bar form, widget form and a slide box with this plugin.

There are many themes you can choose from. The forms are mobile friendly and you can also track your performance with the analytics reports. Moreover, the plugin offers split testing features.


It can integrate with any email marketing service. The plugin comes for free but you can upgrade to higher plans to get access to more features.

9. Ninja Kick Subscription

The premium list building WordPress plugin offers a wide variety of features. You can add an opt-in form with animations and custom styles without any problems.

Ninja Kick Subscription

It seamlessly integrates with any email service and is easy to set up. The forms can be triggered on load, after scrolling or at the end of the page.

You can check the stats of your subscription form and find out which forms are performing well. It can also track your visitors on Google Analytics.

Ninja Kick Stats

10. Ninja Popups

Ninja Popups is one of the best list building plugins as it has so many features. It is a drag and drop builder for creating forms. There are more than 50 awesome themes you can choose for your opt-in form.

Also, the plugin provides 74 different animations for your forms. With their stats, you can track the performance of your forms very easily.

Ninja Popups

Some more cool features include an opt-in content locker, social locker and page level targeting. You can integrate your Google Analytics to track your visitors.

11. Optin Forms

An alternative to Magic Action Box, this plugin also lets you create responsive opt-in forms for your website. You can connect your email service with the plugin easily and create forms with just 1-click.

Optin Forms

While the plugin doesn’t offer many features, it’s still great for those who want to add an opt-in form for free.

12. Opt-In Panda

Create in-content freebies and build your email list easily. You can connect your email service and get started.

It also shows stats of your visitors and detailed analytics of your conversions. The plugin is free and SEO-friendly. It is fast loading and optimized for mobile devices too.

Opt-In Panda

I would recommend you to buy the premium version as it offers more options and is much more customizable. But before buying, you can also try out the free version of the plugin.

13. Optin Skin

Optin Skin is a premium plugin that helps you grow your email list. It offers many features like split testing, form fading and 18 different skins.

Optin Skin

It is highly customizable and you can add your opt-in form anywhere on your website.

14. OptinMonster

Add high converting popups and opt-in forms with the help of OptinMonster. You can create a popup, header and footer bars, slide-ins, widgets, in-line forms, welcome gates and much more.


It easily integrates with any email service. It gives detailed analytics of your conversions and also provides split testing.

You can also create content upgrades with this plugin.

15. Pippity Popups

With 20 gorgeous themes, Pippity Popups helps you grow your email list without any troubles. It provides many features like detailed analytics, real-time form editing, form triggers and much more.

Pippity Popups

It is simple to use and you can create stunning popups in seconds.

16. PlugMatter Feature Box

Add a high converting feature box on your website with the help of this WordPress plugin. Select a ready-made template or design your own to get started.

PlugMatter Feature Box

It integrates with popular email services and provides many features. You can get the premium version of the plugin that is more customizable and offers a ton of great features.

But the free version is also really helpful in getting more subscribers.

17. Popup Domination

This plugin offers stunning form designs. You can create popups for list building and many other purposes.

It offers trigger options that lets you trigger your popup at the end of the page or on exit. It’s very fast and provides detailed stats about your conversions. You can also do split testing to check which popup is bringing more subscribers.

Popup Domination

One really cool feature of this plugin is the geographical targeting with which you can show popups to some specific countries only. The plugin is not free but is very affordable.

18. Simple Signup Form

Add a simple looking signup form on your website with this responsive and mobile-friendly plugin. You can also set timers for your signup forms.

Simple Signup

The plugin is free but it also offers a pro version with more features.

19. SumoMe

We discussed about SumoMe in our social media plugins list and I mentioned that they offer many other apps too. Well, they offer list building apps with which you can grow your email list.

List Build SumoMe

With their list builder tool, you can add beautiful popups that are high customizable and mobile-friendly. You can also add a welcome mat that will boost your conversions.

They also provide a scroll box that can slide-in from any corner of your website. SumoMe is free and provides many features.

But if you want the best of everything, then you can upgrade to their pro plan that offers features like split testing and much more detailed insights.

20. Thrive Leads

This really is the ultimate list building plugin for WordPress. You can add popups, in-line forms, sticky ribbons, 2-step forms, widgets, slide-ins, screen filler, content locker, scroll mat and choice forms.

Each and every plugin we discussed above had different features. Well, Thrive Leads has all those features.

Thrive Leads

You can do split testing, trigger forms at the right time, add animations to your forms and get ultimate reports of your conversions.

It integrates with almost every email marketing service. This really is the best list building plugin and if you want the best of the best, Thrive Leads is perfect for you.

21. WP Notification Bar Pro

Add a custom notification bar on top your website with this plugin. It’s fully responsive and is fast. You can show countdown timers, opt-in form or anything you like.

WP Notification Bar Pro

It’s a good plugin for getting more subscribers but as we discussed above, Thrive Leads has everything you want.

Here’s How To Use This List

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