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The Best WordPress Membership Plugins To Use In 2017

Ahfaz AhmedAhfaz Ahmed

Do you want to start a membership site on WordPress? Or include a membership feature on your existing WordPress website? Whatever it is, I got you covered.

I researched different free and paid membership plugins and listed the ones that are worth installing on your website. There were many plugins I found, but only 18 plugins made the cut.

So without wasting your time, here are the 18 best membership plugins for WordPress.


1. Digital Access Pass (DAP)

Protect your content and automate your internet business with DAP. This is not just a plugin. It’s a complete platform that offers membership automation. This includes automatic payment processing, email marketing, content delivery, broadcast system and much more.

So now you can create a “buyers only” site without going through any troubles. It allows you to do 1-click upsells, create a 2-tier affiliate program, file and content protection, content dripping and also forum integration.

Digital Access Pass

The plugin offers many other features that will help you automate all your online business process without you worrying about small tasks. Digital Access Pass is a premium plugin and provides a 30-day money back guarantee. So there is no harm in trying the plugin and I am sure you will love it.

2. Easy Quick Member

Build a profitable money site that lets you take orders easily. You can create product/member levels, protect files and content, choose any payment platform and integrate it with your email autoresponder.

It allows you to drip feed your files and content from one admin page. Some really cool features Easy Quick Member provides is the sneak peak feature with which you can tease your content. The plugin is easy to set up and is also safe as it prevents brute force attacks.

The plugin is not free and comes with a very affordable price.

3. Fast Member

Fast Member lets you create monthly membership portals and drip feed programs that will help you make more money.

It offers flexible payment options which lets you select subscriptions, one time payments and other plans. You can also choose the payment platform according to your needs.

Fast Member

It provides support for WooCommerce and also gives detailed reports of transactions. There are many more features available in this plugin.

Compared to many other premium membership plugins we will discuss in this list, Fast Member is very affordable and provides a variety of features.

4. InstaMember

As the name suggests, it instantly helps you create a membership site with many features. It seamlessly integrates with JVZoo, Pay Pal, Warrior+ and other platforms.

Some other features of InstaMember include:

  • 2-tier affiliate program
  • 1-click upsell
  • Automatic integration with GoToWebinar
  • Track critical retention metrics
  • Updates and support

The plugin is not so cheap compared to others but it’s worth the price. You get many features that will boost your profits and help you make more money.

5. iThemes Exchange

A simple plugin that will help you create products and sell them. This ecommerce plugin provides a multi-cart feature. Some other features include hide source file URL, set download expirations, add product availability dates, coupon codes and much more.

iThemes Exchange

The plugin is free but does not provide the membership features. So, you will have to buy the upgraded plan which might be a little expensive for you.

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money, I would recommend you to check other plugins available in this list.

6. Magic Members

It claims to be the best membership plugin for WordPress and they may be the best because of the features they offer.

Magic Members

There are many payment module integrations and autoresponder integrations. The download manager provided in this plugin protects your content. It offers a drip feed system and also helps in managing members hassle free.

7. Memberium

Memberium can help you create and sell one courses, add 1-click upsells, build private training sites, protect any type of content and much more.

It provides InfusionSoft integration that lets you create an automated membership site. You can create unlimited membership levels and track your performance with advanced analytics.


The plugin is premium and might be expensive for you. If you want to spend a little less, the go for InstaMember or iThemes Exchange.

8. MemberMouse

It allows you to sell products, protect your content, offer 1-click upsells, track critical retention metrics and much more.

Its customer management feature helps you grow your email list, create checkout pages, manage members and set membership levels. MemberMouse provides reporting and analytics with which you can track all your metrics.


There are many more features like:

  • Smart tags
  • Drip content
  • Trial offers and coupons
  • Sharing auto-lock
  • Prorated upgrades

And much more. You can get a free 15-day trial of MemberMouse. The pricing of this plugin is very affordable unlike many other plugins mentioned in this list.

9. MemberPress

You can build membership sites, accept payments from your website and protect your content with MemberPress.

It seamlessly integrated with different services like Aweber, MailChimp, GetResponse, Stripe, PayPal and many others.


Features of MemberPress are:

  • Bullet Point 1
  • Unlimited Digital Members
  • Unlimited Products

The plugin is premium and the pricing plan is somewhat high compared to others.

10. Membership 2 Pro

Create a powerful membership site with Membership Pro 2. This plugin by WPMUDEV lets you offer drip content, unlimited membership levels, trial periods and coupons, content protection and much more.

A really cool feature of this plugin is the guest membership with which you can limit the content available to all users.

Membership 2 Pro

Other features of Membership 2 Pro are:

  • URL protection
  • Redirect Control
  • Media Protection
  • BuddyPress Integration
  • Taxamo

The plugin is easy to use and is inexpensive. If you want to build a simple membership site on your WordPress, Membership Pro 2 is the best option available.

11. Page Security and Membership

Finally, a free WordPress plugin in this list. This plugin simply lets you create membership pages which helps you restrict access to your content.

Page Security and Membership


  • Restrict your entire site
  • Subscription support
  • Create customized “Access Denied” pages
  • Set expiration dates for memberships

12. Paid Memberships Pro

Paid Memberships Pro is also a free WordPress plugin that lets you create membership pages, membership levels and much more.

The plugin also offers a pro version with more features and options. Check out this video of Paid Memberships Pro to understand what it actually does.

13. Private Content

Sometimes you just want to lock a part of content in your post. You can do this by content lockers but if you want users to sign in to access this content, Private Content will help you.

Private Content

You can lock a part of your content using a shortcode and this content can be accessed only by editors, administrators or subscribers.

14. Restrict Content

Restrict your posts and pages to only editors, contributors or subscribers. The free version of this plugin is limited and provides the basic content restriction features.

Restrict Content

The pro version offers features like:

  • Account registration
  • Log in and password reset forms
  • Complete member management
  • Discount codes
  • Payment tracking

15. S2Member

Protect the content on your WordPress site with S2Member. The plugin is free and offers different content protection features.


Other features included in the free version of this plugin are:

  • Brute force login protection
  • File download restrictions
  • Unique IP address restrictions
  • Mailing list integrations

The pro version of S2Member offers features like content dripping, anti-spam security and login monitoring.

16. Simple Membership

It simply adds a membership function on your website with which you can protect your content, create unlimited membership levels, access payment logs and much more.

Simple Membership Plugin

Other features include:

  • Photo gallery protection
  • Show teaser content
  • Enable debug logging
  • Import WordPress users as members
  • Filter members list by account status

The plugin is completely free and offers a ton of features.

17. Ultimate Member

It lets users to sign-up and become members. The plugin is free and has features like:

  • Front-end user registration
  • Front-end user login
  • Front-end user profiles
  • Custom form fields
  • Drag and drop form builder
  • User account page
  • Custom user roles
  • Searchable member directories
  • Custom e-mail templates
  • Content restriction
  • Mobile adaptive & responsive
  • SEO optimized
Ultimate Member

18. WP-Members

WP-Members adds a membership framework to your website that lets you restrict your content. It’s simple to install and is free.

Watch this quick video demo to learn more about the plugin

Here’s how you can choose the perfect membership plugin for your website

Download the PDF version of this list that lets you access this list anywhere. Also, leave a comment and tell me your favorite membership plugin. 

Download the Free PDF version of this list which can be used as a resource to look for membership plugins.

My name is Ahfaz Ahmed. I am a Blogger and Internet Marketer. I test the different strategies shared by experts and tell if it really works.

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